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Learning Built to Last

Good study skills, like any structure, begins with a solid foundation. Learn how to study, remember, and analyze information. Students are different and learn differently, so there is no one-size-fits-all study skills program. Our students learn how their brains work and develop strategies for doing what they do well, better through our course work of 14 different study skills applied to their classes.


Is your child struggling to keep up with homework and class projects? Do they need help getting and staying organized? Or could they benefit from better active reading skills? If so, then it is time to start studying smarter, and not harder! For more than two decades Club Z! Tutoring has been a leading in-home and online tutoring company, and has developed proprietary curriculum to assist students in developing proper study and organizational skills! Club Z! has developed an effective Learning Built to Last ™ study skills tutoring program that targets different learning styles and habits of students in grades 5-12, to help students develop lifelong study and organizational habits.

The Learning Built to Last™ program begins with a comprehensive diagnostic test to help identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses in eleven different academic areas, so that a customized syllabus can be created to guide the tutoring lessons. In addition, students take a learning style test to help explore the student’s preferred method of learning, which enhances the tutoring program, and helps the student successfully navigate classroom instruction in all subjects.

Learning Built to Last™ study skills tutoring program (LBTL) is designed to help students who struggle in all subjects or specific subject areas as well as students who are extremely busy, stressed out, disorganized and/or procrastinate. LBTL also helps student athletes or performers who juggle school with road trips and practices. Students who have ADD/ADHD or a learning disability can greatly benefit from this program and so can students struggling through a transition year. Perhaps the student generally earns Bs or Cs and is looking to step up to the next level; LBTL is here to help. High-achievers, honor students or perfectionists can soar to greater heights through our LBTL program, too! Club Z! tutoring is able to help students of all educational backgrounds succeed in their everyday lives.

This study skills program teaches your student how to listen, read, and study better…but that is just the beginning. Learning Built to Last™ will help each individual understand study skills from a personal approach. We focus on your students own interests and experiences, which creates a more conducive learning environment. The book, workbook, and academic planner contain real world materials and relevant exercises. This will allow your student to apply their new found study skills in the classroom, and beyond. Help your child improve their self confidence in and out of the classroom with our Learning Built to Last™ Study Skills Tutoring Program! Please fill out our contact form or call Club Z! at 916-714-2770 today!