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Personalized In-Home Tutoring

Give your kids the edge they need to succeed. With an academic tutor from Club Z! Tutoring, your child can build the study habits and master the content they need to thrive in today's highly competitive world.


Programs and Courses of Study

Reading Tutor

Working one-on-one with one of our highly qualified tutors can build reading comprehension, fluency, and writing strategies. Boost your child's self confidence by enrolling today. Click below to read more about our reading tutoring.





Study Skills

Building a solid foundation of study skills including organization, critical thinking, and effective study and recall habits can give your child the edge they need as they get older. Click below to read about how we help your children improve their study skills.




Test Preparation

Your child has spent the last three years working hard to get where they are today. Give them an advantage with their college applications by SAT/ACT preparation to maximize their score. With the number of applications every school gets, a well-rounded student has the advantage.


Portrait of a students studying in university library


Math Tutoring

Common Core math is difficult. If you are tired of hearing, "But mom, that isnt how the teacher does it," then request a consultation with one of our specialists. Click below to read more about our math tutoring options. We have highly qualified staff that can tutor Math through AP Physics.




Clever attractive young female college student wearing glasses and holding a tablet computer in her hands standing in front of a chalkboard covered in equations in maths class smiling at the camera


ASVAB Tutoring

Your son or daughter has made the decision to serve their country. The recruiter may have told them to get a specific score, improve their score, or they have selected a specific MOS that requires a certain score. Speak to one of our educational support specialists about how we can help them. We offer discounted rates to candidates that have already spoken to a recruiter. We have veterans that provide guidance and tutoring for the ASVAB.




Academic Coaching

Sometimes, the issue is not a specific subject or skill. Sometimes, students need practice, guidance, and a lot of conditioning. Just like athletes in football, basketball, and any other physical sport, students need coaching and our brains need a workout. Speak to one of our educational support specialists about how our tutors can be general academic coaches and help your child succeed.




The Z! Tutor Match

Our proprietary Z! Tutor Match process ensures that we match the right tutor to your child every time! In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll love our tutors, we guarantee the match. Through our Z! Guarantee program, if you are unsatisfied with the tutor selected for your child, simply let us know and we’ll make a more suitable match ASAP. It’s that simple! How can we be this confident?

Our Z! Tutor Match is made based on the following 4 criteria:

Girl at school with her teacher learning to use technology

Academic Strengths

 Our tutors are experts in their subject area(s) and are matched with your student based on his/her academic weaknesses. Many of our tutors are certified teachers, and all possess an educational degree and relevant tutoring experience. In addition, all are thoroughly screened and background checked prior to receiving a student assignment.


Our tutors are matched with your student based on your scheduling preferences. Whether it’s after school, weekends, evenings, or during academic breaks, our tutors can accommodate even the busiest academic or athletic schedules.


We match our tutors with your student based on complementary personality traits.  The introduction of an encouraging third party with whom your student can relate can often restart a fresh flow of learning.  Plus, the same tutor will teach the child every time so that rapport can develop.

Teaching Style

Our tutors are matched with your student based on his/her preferred learning style.  Our tutors are effective because they understand the personality, interests, and learning style of their students.  We believe that when a student is seen as a whole, both learning and self-esteem can flourish.